Google Nexus 7: Dance with Students


Google Nexus 7: Dance with Students

上手く子どもたちと踊れない先生が、 新しい Nexus 7 と共に、練習に励みます。 新しい Nexus 7の購入はこちらから
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hey all time for the in-depth review of the new Nexus 7 (2nd generation model). It’s sold at a cheap price but is it worth it? Find out in this video ➨Nexus …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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30 Responses to “Google Nexus 7: Dance with Students”

  1. Octavio Cisneros says:

    #Ads #Japan 

  2. agesperfume says:


  3. Ayanna Yason says:

    I love this commercial it makes me smile every time it comes on! Too

  4. メイソン デイビット says:


  5. kunn yoppi says:


  6. ふ ゎ says:


  7. tomopoyos says:


  8. kan2000919 says:


  9. kenta78526468 says:


  10. amaizing1227 says:


  11. july10910704 says:


  12. july10910704 says:


  13. 燎哉 平山 says:

    CMやのに面白い( ^ω^ )

  14. Babbling Boolean says:

    #Nexus7 2013 (2nd gen) In-depth Review: #google
    #googleplay #asus #nexus72013 #android

  15. Shane Phillips says:

    i cant wait i am getting my 32gb one in a week or so. i had the first gen
    but i sold it on gazelle because after a yr or so it was gettting slow.
    this was before i knew about the trim problem

  16. VxVRaZeVxV says:

    You sir gave an awesome review and have earned a well deserved subscriber,
    keep up the good work!

  17. xXBurntBaconXx says:

    VLC Is pretty great, bit glitchy but great. On my Galaxy S3, vs the stock
    video player app, I noticed with a ~2 hr movie, I uses about 4-6% less
    battery power. However the stock video player app, you can pop the video
    out and stick it in a corner while browsing the internet.

  18. 4everjovon says:

    nice opinion , you should do a new one with 4.4.2

  19. Dustin Taylor says:

    Intro song?

  20. vincaslt says:

    Outstanding review, answered any questions I have, and also any potential
    questions I might have had. Good job.

  21. Ricky Sirianni says:

    I agree if I was head CEO and my top devices had 4.2.2 or whatever I would
    wait for 4.4

  22. Ricky Sirianni says:

    Same with me guy I have been trying to figure out if Google fixed the
    issues yet

  23. Babbling Boolean says:

    HTC probably thought there was no point to releasing the 4.2 update, makes
    sense since 4.3 is newer. It’s also less work for them.

  24. justinlascelles says:

    Like why did it skip a update

  25. justinlascelles says:

    My htcone went from 4.1.2 to 4.3 yesterday why

  26. Online Gadget Store says:

    Some people find the dimension of this tablet a bit off. Compared to the
    tablets being released by most companies today, it looks like it really
    deviated from the norm. However, if you are already used to holding it that
    way, then, a few inches will no longer matter.

  27. James A says:

    its too long and thin

  28. bobby bah blah says:

    I have touch screen issues with games and such sometimes with the keyboard
    but otherwise great device

  29. Tommy K says:

    what about the battery?i think that’s suck

  30. Slimey Choo says:

    I liked this video and subscribed. I think you did a good job of reviewing
    the nexus 7 which I just bought.

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