Hands on with the ASUS Transformer Book Duet TD300 at CES 2014

ASUS unveiled the first dual boot Windows 8 and Android laptop/tablet combination. The can switch between Windows 8 and Android in either the laptop mode or …
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ASUS showed us their Transformer Book Duet TD300, a notebook/tablet that can switch between Android and Windows, the new G750GZ gaming notebook, and the upco…

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32 Responses to “Hands on with the ASUS Transformer Book Duet TD300 at CES 2014”

  1. duwaine blake says:

    So no USB on the the tablet ,,,that sucks

  2. jintek7 says:

    Why aren’t they offering a battery in the dock…what is wrong with these
    damn companies wont put out a complete transformer, if they give you
    memory, you don’t get battery, if you get battery you don’t get storage…I
    want both storage and a battery in my keyboard dock.

  3. Hsehs Z'roc says:


  4. Grant Russell says:

    Did he say 48gb storage?

  5. yarre123 says:

    Only HD resolution on a 2014 release!?
    Full HD is okay…Why no 2560×1600 screen like the Transformer Pad TF701T?

  6. Vincent Palmeri says:

    This looks promising +Kevin Tesmacher+Cory M+David Khaj+Jacob May+Michael

  7. Will Too says:

    Movies apps and chilling on android then gaming on windows awesome

  8. Quincy Gillespie says:

    @jinyek 7
    Mark of a true consumer, bitching about others innovation. If you want it,
    then make it.

  9. St Nicholas says:

    Santa has hard nipples for this product :)

  10. LinusTechTips says:
  11. Barujin Anon says:

    How do you run Android ARM based programs on an i5 or i7? Not much of a

  12. thejerrymobile says:

    There’s going to be a- yep, he made the joke.

  13. BlackBoxGamers says:

    Took me a minute… I got the pun now xD

  14. mason kethword says:

    Does anybody think invida will reveal the next gen graphics cards at ces or

  15. Znow says:

    I dont understand… i have the ‘old’ g750jh with a 780 3gb and a haswell
    i7, why did they make a new one and what is different about it?!

  16. trckojr says:

    2:12 I was just rolling on the floor, literally. :D Linus, you are a

  17. AdderDee says:

    Well, sweet products do generally come in wrappers.


  18. Bryce Freeman says:

    I have an earlier model of the g75, and i love it. Would definitely buy
    again next upgrade

  19. 1EXTreMAR says:

    Win8+ Android at once! In one device and switching on the fly. That’s
    pretty good! I’ll buy it.

  20. TheRAMPAGE572HD says:

    Would that OS switcher work with windows7… this thing could be really
    awesome but i hate WIN8 and 8.1

  21. cudencuden says:

    HOV , h to the Oh Vee !

  22. ZewRongGuy says:

    The “new” Nvidia graphics cards are most likely just rebranded. I don’t
    think Maxwell will release in 1H 2014.

  23. Ymac101 says:

    GTX 880M?

  24. Shox. says:

    8 DIMM slots. Maybe a little bit off Linus lol

  25. Александър Николов says:

    ASUS Transformer Book Duet TD300 is super amazing ! 

  26. BoutchooQc says:

    The laptop have a GTX 790.

  27. Shadowcam108 says:

    I could really see myself using something like the transformer duet if it
    came with some customization options.(I would want at least two or 3 SSD’s
    between both parts, as well as a large extended battery in the keyboard
    that could charge the tablet.

  28. Prince AlfA says:

    Best pun ever

  29. Jason Dang says:


  30. Robert Weatherall says:

    did Nvidia not just release the GTX 700 series?

  31. Michael Nakhiengchanh says:

    I just got the “rapper” joke.

  32. Tanner Suttie says:

    am i missing something regarding the “next-gen GPU” hints?

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