HTC One: Full Metal Body

The new #HTCOne, featuring a cutting-edge full metal body design. — Find Out More:
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23 Responses to “HTC One: Full Metal Body”

  1. RyanKennedyC Productions says:

    my parents have one.

  2. le ice says:

    HTC One is the best smartphone I ever seen.

  3. george kinetictelcom says:

    nic this time

  4. Ben Miles says:

    I find my finger rests quite frequently on the camera lens so perhaps the
    blurriness you are experiencing is from that – either natural oils or
    moisturiser on the lens.

  5. Ben Miles says:

    Yes, and this makes it so easy for it to slide out of your back pocket or
    fly right out of your hand. Seriously, the first thing I felt forced to do
    was buy a case for it. Shame. :(

  6. 停 关 says:

    牛逼啊 不能忍啊

  7. Blake L. Bowden says:

    But it’s not full metal. More like shell sandwiched between plastic.

  8. Newman Sibisi says:

    Nice One.

  9. itzjung says:

    HTC One Horrible camera can’t get crisp results because it has a blurry
    spot in the picture. 2 replacement phones all with the same issue. HTC One
    build quality? the freakin pieces don’t even match up. The framing seems
    like it was just thrown together. Really build quality was such a huge
    marketing tool yet it lacks build quality. Aluminum is great but make it
    line up nicely. Also the shit is effed if you drop it.

  10. CJ Rainn says:

    whats a sony xperia now?

  11. Rafał Żółkiewicz says:

    HTC One: Full Metal Body
    #htcone #aluminum #design #metalbody 

  12. Lester Combs says:

    If you are in the market for a new smartphone, check this bad boy out.
    Never been happier with a phone.

  13. Kevin Lim Fung Yen says:


  14. ChiH WANG says:

    Full metal body by hTC , get it now !

  15. Marlon Milligan says:


  16. Mazen Al-Angary says:


  17. says:

    #fullmetalbody per #htcone 

  18. Flavio Pegorer says:

    HTC One: Full Metal Body

  19. Andrew Lone says:

    The phone of the future #htcone

  20. Orb Tresmil says:


  21. Chaks CC says:

    Watch the brand new TV commercial for the #HTCOne.

    [Originally shared in HTC Facebook page]

  22. Joshua Moroni Gathercole says:

    oh yea sexy!

  23. Pedro Borges says:

    Novo HTC

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