iPhone 5 Fireworks Explosion – Will it Survive?

I taped a brand new iPhone 5 to two artillery shell fireworks and lit the manmade bomb too see what would happen. FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Te…
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15 Responses to “iPhone 5 Fireworks Explosion – Will it Survive?”

  1. nazar zaheer says:

    the funny thing is he always blow up or smashes an iphone. Cant he do it to
    a samsung or something

  2. marcel911 says:

    peace out? Peace off more like. What a pointless video.

  3. Vladimir Stankovic says:

    iPhone is a overpriced piece of shit :D

  4. Gabbydoggie says:

    at a playground? wtf?

  5. BBMagicTricks says:

    Badass. xD

  6. Joseph Christian says:

    what the what finally your i phone can’t survive that

  7. Clairy Herrera says:

    I know so stupid

  8. erhan kucukbekmez says:

    why do u blow an iphone ?

  9. B15763823 says:

    yeah fuck apple blow their shit up :)

  10. bumma kreshan says:

    this guy is crazy

  11. Boomsterbang says:

    Did you guys know that apple products are windows pc and nokia and Samsung
    aaand LG… Doo that’s a bad decision to buy a overpriced shitty apple
    products… Plus a old Nokia is 50 us dollar and iPhone is a Nokia 50% and
    costs 500 us dollar

  12. Ben Vinci says:

    How do you have all this money to blow or destroying items?

  13. simon b says:

    i will buy for 100 monies 

  14. namil qasanov says:

    are you milioner?

  15. MightBeLumi says:

    How rich is this guy?!

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