Motorola Q 1st Look

This is a short video 1st look at the Verizon Motorola Q.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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12 Responses to “Motorola Q 1st Look”

  1. LilSmileyG88 says:

    you said you want use the clip (case)think u can sale or mabe give to me.
    shown at 1:40

  2. alexkim108 says:

    I agree with prep68, you are a stupid lyer. I got a Motorola Q throught the
    mail and it was already ensambled. YOU STUPID FUCK ASS

  3. hogson14124 says:

    do you need like a special plan for this phone since it has internet?

  4. fahsa1 says:

    wow ppl are dumb they dont understand that sometimes u get models from
    carriers that have already been preopened so of course it might not have
    the same stuff that a factory sealed one would have. nice review chris : )

  5. NiftyTan says:

    nope its shit

  6. Feras Gaben says:

    its sealed,, DUHHHHHH,, Redneck.

  7. kc550 says:

    Actually when i bought mine everything was in separate baggies, well mine
    came with the extended battery, the 2gb sd card, the holster, and
    earphones. So maybe mine’s a bit different, but either way I was at another
    store before I bought mine and when I asked to see one the guy had to take
    the battery out of a bag. Maybe yours was tested before and they left it

  8. ozyeger123 says:


  9. Mobilitysite says:

    Thanks Fahsa1

  10. Darius0194 says:

    great vid

  11. Dalton Spiekermann says:

    hey everybody its ASSEMBLED stupids

  12. marsdog says:

    haha are you wearing sum kinda helmet/head-mounted camera!? thats kool

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