Nexus 7 Review

Nexus 7 vs iPad mini: Nexus 7 vs Nexus 10: Nexus 7 Unboxing: http://www…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A curious little girl reads a book with her mother and then goes on a journey with her imagination and their Nexus 7. Buy yours now at…

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28 Responses to “Nexus 7 Review”

  1. galeb duhr says:

    Great face for radio.

  2. PackAZombies says:

    best ending EVER!

  3. Chris Pirillo says:

    My Nexus 7 Review… should I leave the comments thread open this time?

  4. Chris Robato says:

    This one by +Chris Pirillo 

  5. Chan Hui Kent says:

    Did you hear it, Google?

  6. Matthew DeMario says:

    Welcome to Greece’s economy.

  7. rogphotogs says:

    use Microsoft Office Web Apps(word, excel)

  8. Sonia Laila says:

    i think its more his accent that’s irritating than his voice

  9. Pwn3dByPhysics says:

    50 dollars? Damn it, you Americans are always so lucky with sales, I live
    in the Netherlands we would never get such kind of sales.

  10. Graham Carter says:

    Watching your review kinda late this friday evening, and enjoyed it, thank
    you. A month or so ago snagged an ipad mini, but found myself not using it
    very much, due to the fact that I already have a mini laptop I drag with me
    everywhere and my trusty android HTC Desire HD… that said, im considering
    picking up a nexus 7, primarily because I prefer the variety of android
    apps to apples apps… anyway wittering aside, thank you for your balanced
    review :-)

  11. ALostMap says:

    just get a smartphone. you dont have to have a contract or dataplan to get
    a decent camera. youre not going to want to carry a tablet around for
    taking pictures anyways

  12. xxxDesign4Lifexxx says:

    i hate your comment

  13. phoenix2tears22 says:

    Do not buy a nexus 7 they r cheaply made not worth the price I am a highly
    pissed of customer I have had two nexus 7s within four months both got the
    same problems they stopped charging and the screens just cracked there was
    no accidental damage bull crap.

  14. lightningx10 says:


  15. Giovanni Cheng says:

    Google sure knows how to make good commercials ^^

  16. Guilherme Sattamini says:

    OMG I’m so offended! His talking about my mom! I think I’m gonna cry….
    btw you only say this because you have no argument

  17. Ryan Ortega says:

    even if I paid, it’d probably be more expensive than your mom.

  18. Guilherme Sattamini says:

    do you wanna have to pay for youtube? So shut the fuck up, stupid shit

  19. Wayne King says:



    Curious or imaginative? I think this girl has great a great imagination.

  21. Tritinum says:

    This is what I call nice and sweet!

  22. Amy knowing says:

    I guess its just hard for me to let go of the things I grew up with like

  23. scottysols says:

    This song may be by the artist El May. I can’t confirm or deny that. I know
    for a fact two other Nexus 7 commercials use songs from the artist Beirut.

  24. says:

    Nexus 7 brings you the perfect mix of power and portability
    Nexus 7: Curious

    Now Available @ LetsTango. Priced AED 1199
    Grab Yours Now:

  25. Flip beatzz says:

    thumbs up! 

  26. Riccardo Antonazzo says:

    Un nuovo spot per il #Nexus7 

  27. Karl Schramm says:

    The new #Nexus7 ad is quite enchanting. Whoever is doing these ads for +
    Google needs a raise

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