ZyXEL PLA407KIT Powerline Pass-Thru 200Mbps Ethernet Adapter Kit



ZyXEL PLA407KIT Powerline Pass-Thru 200Mbps Ethernet Adapter Kit

Powerline Ethernet Adapter with Extra Plug for Handy HD Video StreamingPLA-407, a Powerline Ethernet Adapter with a built-in power outlet, gives information transfer prices of up to 200 Mbps*. The extra power outlet gives customers the flexibility and comfort to deploy property networks and supplies power to other electrical devices instantaneously. The embedded noise filter reduces most interference from other house electric devices whilst supplying a stable network environment for higher-definition video, music and other network application enjoyments.??Extra energy outlet brings much more convenienceWith the AC pass-by way of style, the PLA-407 gives each powerline network connection and energy supply to several electrical devices at the identical time. The PLA-407 enables users to effortlessly get World wide web access without the inconvenience of insufficient power outlets. For kids safety, the power outlet has been developed to avoid electrical shocks brought on by kids inserting foreign objects into the receptacles.Constructed-in noise filter for reducing energy interferenceWith a built-in noise filter, the PLA-407 can suppress noise interference level down to 1/1000 and optimize powerline communication functionality. The noise filter can successfully minimize noises generated by surrounding electronic equipments such as dryers, vacuum cleaners, lamps or mobile phone chargers plugged into the power outlets and make certain clean and steady signal good quality on the powerline network.??QoS for Higher-definition video streamsInherent sophisticated QoS improves the top quality of multimedia solutions like higher-definition video streaming, data transmission and VoIP by prioritizing the applications. QoS gives users with higher voice communication high quality whilst other network applications are becoming intensively used. Energy-saving modePLA-407 functions a power-saving mode that reduces energy consumption when the Ethernet hyperlinks become inactive.
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